The Fastest Way To Build A Profitable Website

The Fastest Way To Build A Profitable Website - Hermes TieLast week I had “the new clothes bug” so I took a trip to the local Hermès store. As soon as I walked through the door I saw that a set of ties selling for $250 a piece.

“Holy smoke,” I thought. “For the price of one tie I could go home and start 10 new websites. If I work extra hard I can write every sales letter for all of them within three weeks.”

And that’s exactly what I did.

In this article I want to share an ultra-simple system for building websites (from scratch) quickly, efficiently, and with big profits.

Let’s get started.

How To Find Products You Can Review (And Get Paid For)

Finding things to sell is easy.

Simply think of a problem that you had and the product you used to solve it. This is really straightforward and (if you’re actively trying new things) something that you’ll be able to do with natural ease.

  • Buy home gym equipment? Review your purchase.
  • Get a new office chair? Explain how poor sitting habits cause back pain and then plug a seat that can fix this.
  • Read a good book? Do a write-up on it.

Starting a little affiliate marketing business isn’t rocket science and you don’t have to wrack your brain. Every niche site I’ve ever started has been the result of having some problem and then finding a product that solved it.

I’ll even give you a personal example of this:

On a trip to Tokyo I got lost in the airport and couldn’t find my flight.

The people who worked at airline help desk had super thick accents which made it difficult to understand them. Additionally, all the departure information I saw was written in Japanese.

For a good 10 minutes I was in full-blown panic mode, terrified of missing my plane. But, as soon as I calmed down and found my departure gate, two ideas popped into my head:

  1. I’d buy a course to learn basic Japanese so that I’d never get lost on another trip.
  2. Other travelers faced the same problems I’d just experienced, meaning I could use the what happened to me (and whatever language course I bought) as effective sales material.

Rocket Languages Japanese Notes

(If you’re going to learn a new skill you might as well get paid for it)

As soon as I got home I bought a copy of Rocket Languages Japanese (big fat affiliate link) and a domain name.

I basically get paid to learn another language, plus have a cool little creative outlet to write about Japanese stuff (Did you know their sushi bars serve food on little conveyor belts?).

If you have a hobby, starting a “problem, product, solution” site is an easy way to make some extra cash.

How To Find Popular Keywords With Nothing But A Pen And Scrap Of Paper

When it comes to SEO I know diddly-squat. I’ve never bothered to look up what a “SERP” is, or a “content silo,” or any of the other nine million pieces of dorky jargon.

In fact, all of my keyword research is done on a scrap of notebook paper, using a ballpoint pen. I think out every question a potential buyer might search for and then write them all down.

You might think this sounds silly or ineffective but it’s worked surprisingly well for me. As a friend of mine once pointed out:

Doing a search for [popular product] shows the first result as Amazon and the second result as one of your sites.

It’s better to focus on buyer psychology than to worry about cramming a bunch of “alternate spelling variants” into some meta tag.

Even if you don’t hit every major search this way, you’ll have enough material to get decent traffic and make a few extra bucks.

Here’s an example:

In early 2015 I got an idea for a little Amazon niche site. While the thought was still fresh in my mind, I grabbed a pad of paper and scribble out a dozen or so article ideas based on searches that (I figured) potential buyers might make.

This took me all of 15 minutes. And writing each article took about an hour or so. In other words, I had a whole site completed over the span of a weekend.

This “stupidly simple” method of finding keywords or coming up with ideas to write about will generate you a decent about of traffic and sales.

Case in point, my little weekend website that I built earns about $1,000 every 12 months. That’s the same as getting a 4% annual return on a $25,000 stock investment.

The Fastest Way To Build A Profitable Website

(About $1,000 a year for a weekend’s worth of work)

In less time than it would take to binge watch Game Of Thrones you can raise your yearly income by at least a thousand bucks.

The Fastest Way To Write Articles

Are you ready to hear my advice for writing articles quickly and efficiently?

I hope so, because here it is:

Take a long walk every afternoon. Go walk around your town or city, and pay attention to what people there are doing. You’ll see all kinds of crazy stuff. Funny mishaps, horrible accidents, sentimental family moments, fights, weird sex stuff. The list is endless.

Once you’ve gotten your fill of people watching, go to the park and run around as fast as you can until you get exhausted. The take out the notepad on your phone and start writing down the very first idea that pops into your head.

What you come up with doesn’t necessarily have to relate to whatever your site is about either. Oftentimes (when you’re editing what you’ve written), you can use a quick transition sentence to tie the two subjects together.

I’ll give you an example:

In Vietnam there are always old ladies out selling mangoes and oranges off the backs of motorbikes.

Let’s say that you run a website about starting your own business. And let’s also say that you wrote an article about buying mangoes from one of these street vendors.

Your transition could look like this:

Isn’t it amazing that these clever fruit sellers took something that was right in their own backyard (the mango trees) and turned it into a successful side business?

Well you can too, of course your business doesn’t have to be about selling fruit.

With [Product X] you can learn to turn skills you already have into your own continuous source of recurring income.

Believe it or not, but those transitions work well (there’s a book called DotCom Secrets which explains the science behind them) and you can oftentimes take an interesting story and tie it in with whatever you’re trying to market.

Closing Thoughts

Building a profitable website is easy. With a little critical thinking and some interesting life experiences, you can whip up successful niche sites in very little time.

The key is to:

  • Have a problem you’ve suffered from, and a product that solved the issue
  • Think about what questions your potential buyers might be searching for when they come across your site
  • Go out and find interesting and engaging ways that you can use to pitch your product to the reader.

P.S. If you want to know how to write an article that makes money, be sure to check out this post on creating big-money sales letters.